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There are 8 species of bats in CT. The Big Brown and Little Brown bats are the two most likely to be found in homes and other man made structures.

Nuisance Management will respond 24 hours / 7 days to capture these intruders.


Raccoons will establish their nests any place that provides safe protection for their young.

Common nesting places in homes include attics, soffits, chimneys, under decks or under sheds.

If you think that you might have a nuisance raccoon living in your home, call Nuisance Management for a safe, humane solution.


There are 3 types of squirrels in CT, Gray, Red, and Flying squirrels.

The most common are the gray squirrels. They can be found in homes and other structures year round. Early through mid spring and late summer are when most squirrel problems occur. This is when squirrels move into homes to establish a nest, give birth and raise their young.

Nuisance Management has over 14 years experience finding all openings, successfully removing all squirrels (including young when present) and permanently sealing all openings.


Most noticeably known for their smell, skunks are a big problem when they are mating and again when the young begin to emerge from their dens.

In the winter, female skunks will sometimes take up residence, in groups, under homes, decks or sheds. When a male is looking to mate and encounters an unreceptive female, she will spray, letting a homeowner know they have a skunk problem

Call Nuisance Management for quick, odorless removal of skunks from your property.

We also provide shed, deck and other structure screening to keep skunks from coming back.


Also called groundhogs, they are a common sight on grass medians along many highways. They are also a major pest for homeowners, farmers and many others.

Damage to home siding, decks, and outdoor furniture sometimes occur when woodchucks chew for scent dispersal or grinding down winter tooth growth. The biggest complaint about woodchucks is from homeowners loosing ornamental plants and flowers and vegetables from gardens.

Enjoy your flower garden or your vegetable harvest by having Nuisance Management humanely trap and remove your nuisance woodchuck.


Chipmunks will make long burrows. Sometimes these burrows will be under decks, patios and sidewalks and can collapse under foot causing serious injury, or around retaining walls and can cause them to fail.

Trapping is the most effective method of controlling chipmunks and the damage they cause.

Sparrows, Starlings & Other Birds

Sparrows and Starlings are two birds that will make a nest inside a dryers and other exhaust vents, in covered gutters or any place they can get into.

Nuisance Management can exclude these birds and permanently keep them out.

Other Wild Life Animals

Other Wildlife We Can Rid Your Property Of: Opossums, Snapping Turtles, , Beavers, Vultures, Pigeons, Turkey’s, Seagulls, Otter’s. Gees, Heron, Snakes, Crows, Rabbits, Woodpeckers, Foxes, Woodpeckers, Muskrats, Voles, Coyotes, Weasels, Deer, Mink, and Porcupines

If you are experiencing a problem with other types of wildlife please call us to discuss all of the humane options to rid your property of these animals.

Exclusions, Chimneys & Other Services Offered By Nuisance Management

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Mouse proofing
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